Rhetorical Analysis Of Popchips Advertisement

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Advertisements that were once friendly and slowly drew people’s attention are no longer existent. Advertisements has slowly become intrusive, forcing them upon their consumers with audacity. The advertisements constantly try to intrude onto an individual’s insecurities to get the individual to go and purchase their product. This has become increasingly true with advertisements involving food, as these companies constantly has to fight against criticisms from health advocates because of the increasing obesity and individuals trying to achieve the modern standard of beauty. One of this products are the popchips ad, which challenges other chip brands on their produce’s nutrition at an attempt to appeal to individuals who are concerned about their…show more content…
Ad design is used to persuade the audience since the overall design is using a bright and vivid color scheme to drawn a person into looking at the advertisement whether the person was flipping through or reading an article nearby. The ad design also uses psychology, as bright colors commonly causes individuals to become energetic and optimistic which the advertisement is fully taking advantage of by using its color scheme and trying to get the audience to try the popchips because an optimistic individual would be more likely to try out the popchips. The ad along with ad design uses word choice to draw individuals into buying their product. One example of the word choice is “undelicious” which follows “never baked”. The word isn’t a proper English word, but it has an impact on its audience because the words unappetizing, distasteful and unsavory doesn’t have a large as an impact as the word “undelicious” and using this world will give a better understanding for more of the younger teenagers who are just starting to become conscious of physical appearance. Another word choice is “guilty”, the word “guilty” has a stronger connotation than other synonyms such as ashamed, or remorseful causing it to draw individuals into the advertisement especially if it is paired with “less”, as it draws individuals with an insecurity
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