Rhetorical Analysis Of Pope John Paul 2

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Many people are advocates for humane human rights, Pope John Paul being one of them. The holocaust was not humane. More than 11 million people were killed during the holocaust, six million of them being jews and 1.1 million of them being children(online). As a child, Pope John Paul remembers neighbors and friends being taken away to camps(online). Pope John Paul II’s speech is an inspiring piece of writing, and moves the reader through repetition, quotes from the bible, and personal experiences to show the person receiving this that he understood what the people were going through. The use of repetition in this speech makes the reader pay more attention to what he is saying, and really drills the idea into their head. Throughout the entire speech, Pope John Paul II brings up Psalms 31:13-15, which states, “I have become like a broken…show more content…
Lastly, Pope John Paul II talks about what he experienced because of the holocaust. One part of his speech states, “My own personal memories are of all that happened when the Nazis occupied Poland during the war. I remember my Jewish friends and neighbors, some of whom perished, while others survived. I have come to Yad Vashem to pay homage to the millions of Jewish people who, stripped of everything, especially of human dignity, were murdered in the Holocaust. More than half a century has passed, but the memories remain”(online). By adding his own account of what he remembered as a child, it helps the reader really believe that he cares and he understands what other people were feeling. He also talked about knowing people who were killed, so he understood what people grieving were going through. While he was giving this speech at the memorial, there were 50 holocaust survivors, and Pope John Paul II remembered 13 of them from when he was a child(online). The fact that he was around when the Holocaust took place and remembered what a terrible tragedy it was made his speech a lot more meaningful and strengthened what he was
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