Rhetorical Analysis Of President Barack Obama's Convention Speech

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On 6th of September 2012 President Barack Hussein Obama gave a convention speech at the election in Detroit. Obama has already been on the job as the president from 2008 to 2012 so now he is trying to get re-elected. Obamas intention in this speech is to let people trust him for four more years so the re-elect him. The people that are listening to the speech are supporting President Obama very very much for an example when they yell “Four More Yours” and it defiantly seems like the listeners want President Obama for President again. Obama underlines how he and the people have reached positive progress in the United States of America for the past four years. Obama keep talking about how he couldn’t reach what he reached without the help of…show more content…
“But they didn 't have much to say about how they 'd make it right.” In this sentence President Obama talk about the negative strategy that the republicans and this leads President Obama to talk about more negative things that the republicans do for example on the next two lines. There are also many rhetorical pauses in the speech, not only when the citizens clap in their hands, but also when President Obama changes his subject in the speech. President Obama also uses rhetorical questions in the text for example page 3 line 8: “Feel a cold coming on? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call us in the morning.” In this sentence President Obama gives the citizens a question but he doesn’t really need an answer because he already knows it and he already know what to say, but when he uses this kind of rhetorical questions he makes the citizens think that he wants to hear their opinion and that their opinion is very important in America and that create a bond between the President and the citizens. With this speech President Obama creates a bond between him at the citizens and he build up a lot of trust and that is one of the most important things for an election because it is hard for a president to win an election if the citizens don’t trust
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