Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Acceptance Speech

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A President’s job is one of the most difficult to accomplish successfully because you must make the correct decisions and win the favor of the American people. In 2012 President Obama gave his presidential acceptance speech and changed the views of Americans by showing that he was a hard working individual and that he would try his best as President once again. President Obama’s acceptance speech showed the American people that he was grateful for this chance he won and that he will try to make America great once again and how democracy and politics is not just for the privileged individuals but for everyone in America. President Obama, during his speech, uses many rhetorical devices to appeal to the common American and uses select phrases in his introduction and conclusion to persuade the American people that he is one of them and that he is a hard working President who will try his best in the future and make America better than it ever was. Throughout the speech, President Obama’s use of rhetorical devices make the speaker feel a powerful emotional connection and feel that the president is one of them. President Obama’s introduction and conclusion of his acceptance speech are two sections that are the most powerful in drawing the listener in and leaving the listener with a …show more content…

Readers analyze the speech as an essay that appeals to the common American and is a speech that makes them feel connected to the president and politics. Finally, President Obama handiness with select words allows him to draw the listener in and capture their attention. It also shows that even though that he won the the presidency he will not show off, but will continually work to make America better place than it ever

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