Rhetorical Analysis Of President Trump

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As of late the feud between the media and President Trump has escalated, this has caused the general population to be forced to decide who is the instigator, Trump or the media? I believe that while the media does retaliate, this childish back and forth was fueled by Trump and someone in his position should not focus on a petty feud such as this. I believe that as president he must show a strong image and refrain from continuing to ridicule the media. Because of Trump’s constant twitter rants about the media and the overall popularity of the issue many articles have been written on both the pro-Trump and anti-Trump side. These articles use different rhetorical devices to convey their point and get the reader to agree with them. In…show more content…
Press: Crazy, Stupid Love” by Maureen Dowd and published in The New York Times. The article used irony to illustrate the way that President Trump changes his view on a subject or his hypocritical tendencies. He often contradicts himself and the article presented two recent occasions in which he contradicted himself or was a hypocrite. The first example was when Dowd said, “spews a constant stream of wild assertions based on anonymous sources - blustered that the press “shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name.’” (Dowd) This example shows the irony of President Trump giving certain standards to journalists than himself, this discredits him and makes him appear to not know what he is talking about. The second example from the article was, “The Russian-style domination of the press came only a few hours after the president told CPAC: “I love the First Amendment; nobody loves it better than me. Nobody.’” (Dowd) This example shows that even within hours Trump can contradict himself, by ridiculing the media for what they say and then claiming he is a firm believer in the First Amendment. The use of irony and Trump contradicting himself creates an image of someone who is not true to his word and therefore not the best fit to be
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