Rhetorical Analysis Of Princess Diana's Speech

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Did you know that car accidents are not the leading cause of death in the world? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, car accidents are ranked fourth on the leading causes of death. On the report of the World Health Organization, road traffic accidents are the ninth cause of death in the middle-income countries. It results in .55 million death and 2.6% of deaths. Not many people want their lives to end this way. A lot of people want to be surrounded by loved ones in their last minutes. But not everyone has that luxury. Princess Diana was one of the unlucky ones. Her life was cut short due to a car accident. She was devoted to her country, her people and her family. She was nicknamed the Princess of People due to amount of things that she…show more content…
But she was also the Queen of England around the time that Diana died in a car accident. On September 5, 1997 her majesty gave a televised speech the day before Princess Diana was suppose to be buried. The speech that the Queen wrote used all three of the rhetorical ways of persuasion, ethos, pathos, and logos. The audience that Queen Elizabeth hoped to reach were the people of the world and the subjects of Queen Elizabeth. The speech was personal for Queen Elizabeth but was also written to address a large group of people. The purpose of her speech was to explain and inform the people listening about what was happening inside the family of Diana. She also wanted people to remember Diana about how she lived, not how she died. Her majesty wanted the audience to feel like they could relate to the people who were close to Diana. Her speech was effective considering it was said by Diana’s ex-mother-in-law so she is a credible source to listen to about because she personally knew her. The Queen’s interaction with the audience was to tell them to remember how she lived young and free, not how she died in pain and

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