Rhetorical Analysis Of Ray Lewis Speech

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Speech Analysis Each one of us can leave a mark in this world and that is all conducted by effort. This was the message that Ray Lewis conveyed to the Stanford mens basketball team in a pre game speech. He went further into stating that no one can judge effort nor see it displayed on film because everyday people have to bring it. Being ok with being mediocre is unacceptable and that the men must strive for greatness. Ray Lewis, the speaker of this speech, is very famously known for being the best linebacker in NFL history for the Baltimore Ravens. He was always the man people would see on television pumping up his whole team and he was the teams biggest leader. For that reason being said, he gives many motivational speeches to teams. This speech was given …show more content…

In this case, Ray Lewis’s delivery made the speech so memorable and impactful for all. For example he walked in clapping and high-fiving each player. He continues this by using lots of hand motions that included pointing and staring at each and everyone of the basketball players. The floor was fully commanded by him as his voice would reach different volume levels depending on how intense the words were. He did not pace very much as he would take a step in one direction staring at half of the team and then a step to the other half doing the same. In the speech he has used several rhetorical devices to make the delivery so insightful. He used anaphora when he began three sentences with forget in the beginning to make the team think about each player. Then he used epanalepsis in a section where he pointed at the players and stated that the only one who can control effort is you and you. When he did this he is putting major emphasizes by stating the word you twice with a pause between them. Lastly he used hypophora by asking all the questions as the introduction. This enacts the audience by making them think and answer the questions as he is asking

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