Rhetorical Analysis Of Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address

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Ronald Reagan has already been elected as president of the United States. On march 8, 1983, he decided to call a group of evangelists for a speech in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Reagan opens up by thanking the spiritual people for their prayers and uses an anecdote to appeal to his audience as so to connect them. Reagan’s speech talks to present concerns in America during the 80’s. Most of these concerns, the President believes, can be fixed or mediated with a Christian belief system in which America was founded upon. President Reagan ties back to Abe Lincoln and the times he decided to pray because he was overwhelmed with his job as president in the early years of the United States. Reagan uses a quote from Lincoln as evidence that his anecdote …show more content…

Reagan uses jokes, poems, and sayings from great writers, and Biblical references to support relate the audience of evangelists with his new argument that religion should have a place in the American peoples’ hearts. the presidents joke was about two men getting to Heaven and receiving their eternal home. One man was a holy man who spent his whole life studying God’s teachings and the other was a politician. The two men and the angel came upon the the first house, which was the holy man’s, that was, “... a single room with a bed and a chair…” After dropping the man off, they move on to the politician’s house; a …show more content…

The impact made on the audience of the President is phenomenal and motivates all to not only recognize other philosophies of today’s world and understand peoples wish to stray from tradition, but to also fight for certain rights that were given to us by our founding fathers long ago. It encourages those to take root in their religious faith so they are better able to help our nation

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