Rhetorical Analysis Of Salter's Paper

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Introducing the middle section of Salter’s paper, is when Salter uses techniques to seek more emotion out of the reader by introducing a dramatic tone. For instance, he mentions reading an essay, and says he couldn’t continue to read the essay due to how much it touched him. He says, “From somewhere beneath, the Dionysian had poured forth.” From this statement, it is clear that he is letting the reader know that what he read had that much of an impact on his mind-set. Salter proves his argument by giving his example of working in the movie industry. As a writer, he believes some of his best work was thrown in the trash. He is letting the reader know that literature did not die, but the quality has declined. This tone was structured towards a specific audience, who read literature and have had literature impact their lives.…show more content…
He begins to become very critical and states “Star Wars” as junk. Becoming highly critical like this can hurt Salter’s argument because he does not provide any valid reasoning as to why he believes it is inferior. He states, “Are we witnessing a mere collapse of taste or the actual genesis of a new myth worthy of replacing the outdated Trojan War or of standing beside it?”. He is biased towards his viewpoint, and does not consider the explanation that art can be different to every other person, however he calls it junk. Salter is manipulating the audience by praising various forms of art from the past, but has not stated one positive statement towards any in the modern day era. This affects his case due to the reader understanding his biased stance on art, and how literature is important. I do not think there is a disaster occurring or about to occur. If anything, the disaster would be
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