Rhetorical Analysis Of Samsara

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The film Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke, is a film about different parts of the world however, not specifically places but rather things like religion or industrialism. I was able to rhetorically analyze about 12 minutes of the film. In these 12 minutes it shows the extremest parts of consumerism and industrialism. They did this by showing scenes of factory work, animals being prepared for selling or slaughter. And then, they showed how extreme people are in what they do and buy and, how this is only detrimental. By rhetorically analysing Samsara i found that it shows that people in the world care a lot of the flaws of the industrialist part of the world and how bad it can for people. However, people do not like to see the helpful and good…show more content…
However there was music throughout the video. The music had a lot of drums in it, specifically, a very hand drum based sound and less of a stick drum sound. Every so often it had the sounds of flute or people singing. The music overall had a very oriental feel to it. The lack of words allows for the audience to not only pay more attention to the visuals. This same music allows for the director to try to use pathos on the audience. Trying to get them to have a very uneasy or unsettling feeling. As if something was wrong or different than is should be. This allows the audience to feel more as if something is wrong in the video or as if something that they are watching should be different then it is. Or, as if something is wrong in the world around them, something that needs to be changed. Throughout the majority of Samsara the camera is in time lapse. However, every so often the camera chooses to slow and focus on different things like a person distracted while working. Or it focuses on how consumers and consumerism is not good. They focus on being a consumer will lead to things like obesity. However, in trying to focus on this they create a slippery slope. They make it seem like being a consumer will only lead to the need for something like a liposuction. Even though that assumption is not necessarily correct and being a consumer will not always lead to

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