Rhetorical Analysis Of Sex Drugs And The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

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Title Researchers and scientists have constructed extensive research on dinosaur’s extinction. Speculation instead of real evidence seems common in most theories about the dinosaurs’ extinction. However, Jay Gould’s essay “Sex, Drugs, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs” is the complete opposite of speculation over evidence. Rather, Gould uses the mix of persuasive techniques, such as rhetorical questions, logos, along with profound evidence to not only disapprove of other theories but convince readers of his place on the dinosaur’s extinction. As one is able to attest, logos are evident within every passage of this essay. However, Gould uses rhetorical questions to vilify one theory in particular—Cowles’s testicular theory. Alternatively, Gould…show more content…
Could they avoid the absorption of excess heat by staying in the shade, or in caves …” rather than just one to stimulate the readers’ brains. By presenting people with a group of questions, they are constantly thinking about the topic. In this case, all the flawed areas of Cowles’s theory reminded the readers repeatedly. The questions Gould asks, “At what temperature did their testicles cease to function?” seem to manifest logic as well due to the meaning of each question. Gould combines logic and rhetorical questions in attempts to diverge readers from Cowles’s theory. With Cowles’s theory in mind, Gould uses logos to both disapprove a researcher’s theory and eventually reiterate another’s. Gould first presents the hypotheses of three main theories, he discredits two and validates the other using some form of logos. Specifically, on Siegel’s overdosing theory, Gould blatantly says, “Siegel’s knowledge of geology must be deficient; muscles contract after death … more than enough reason to distort a fossil’s pristine appearance.” As a result of Gould’s logical explanation, Siegel’s theory of the deformities of the dinosaurs’ bones found were the result of an herbal overdose they accidental ingested
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