Rhetorical Analysis Of Sexy's Not About Shopping

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Little girls are more like little woman today due to the widespread of social media these young girls are being exposed to things that trigger them to mature too soon. The article is effective in its effort to call onto parents to allow their children to grow up without the influence of social media. It is effective because it has good examples of children in this situation, there are strong statistics, and powerful uses of words. In the world of today there’s a massive pressure on young girls to look a certain way and forces them to grow up too soon. The media is sexualizing woman and in television, the internet and books. Hans provides a convincing argument with supporting evidence and strategic organization of her article. Her creative and bold titles add empathies to the argument such as, “Sexy’s Not About Sex, It’s About Shopping”. Hanes has a young daughter herself and contains a background in play therapy her use of pathos is strong in this article. Hans believes the media has an oversexualized view of woman for example, Mother of a 3-year-old little girl Mary Finucane has claimed her daughter has “stopped running and jumping and insisted on only wearing dresses” (Hans pg. 509). Finucane…show more content…
She points out that girls emphasis a lot on their body image and they tend to drop out of sports because they think their body appearances look funny doing certain sports. “The Woman’s Sport Foundation found that 6 girls drop out of sports for every 1 boy by the end of high school and a recent Girl Scout study fund 23 percent of girls between the ages 11 and 17 do not play sport because they do not think their bodies look good doing so (Hans pg. 511). Hanes is also able to create pathos by relating to other mothers and giving a glimpse of the unhealthy side of the media and how it effects their
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