Rhetorical Analysis Of Should You Do What You Love By Steve Jobs

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Should someone do what they love? Steve Jobs gave his opinion on this question while giving the commencement address to the graduating class of Stanford university in 2005. Steve jobs was a very successful entrepreneur. He created three companies that were extremely successful; Apple, NeXT, and PIXAR. In his speech, he talks about his life throughout his whole career. His speech contained three story titles; the first one is about connecting the dots, the second one is love and loss, and the last one is about death. In each of these stories he finds a way to tie it to his saying of “do what you love”. Jobs got a lot of money by doing what he did, so of course he loved what he was doing. Jobs was telling people to do what they loved because…show more content…
If they don’t receive the commodities that are needed to live a comfortable lifestyle, then the family will fall apart. Kids need food on the table, they need a place to sleep, and they need the daily supplies that can get them through the day. Parents also need similar commodities as the kids. It’s very important for the parent to not only support the kids but to support themselves. Job’s “do what you love” doesn’t help anyone with supporting their families. It’s a big financial risk to “do what you love”. If someone’s hobby is unpopular and that person wants to build a career upon his passion for that hobby, it’s most likely that his income will not be very magnificent. Most careers that are built off of someone’s passion for a particular hobby end up failing because a lot of people don’t take an interest in the hobbies that people build their career upon. Jensen says that the majority of Generation Y has been inspired to start their own businesses because of the inspiration that Steve Jobs and others like him have placed among the young people. Haden uses Cal Newport’s quote and it says, “Telling someone to follow their passion-from an entrepreneur 's point of view-is disastrous” (463). Not all businesses end up failing but when they do, it can be a big disaster. Most of the young generation are starting to put up businesses because of Jobs, which means that a good majority of them will sadly end…show more content…
There are other things they can do besides go to work.There is family to be with, friends to hang out with, and activities to attend to. Of course, jobs support families but it doesn’t require anyone to be at it all day every day. It’s important to find time for the other things in life. Steve Job’s “do what you love” quote doesn’t help anyone focus on anything besides their job.When someone decides to do what they love, they become a little selfish. They only do things for themselves. Jensen says that people classified as Generation Y want to be independent. As people try to make a business out of their passion, they become very independent. They distance themselves from their family and friends by pouring their life into their work. Instead, they should pour into their life outside of work. Another way someone could get carried away with doing what they love is by doing multiple jobs that they have a passion for. McCoy says that you get worn out by working multiple jobs that you love. Everyone has multiple talents and if someone tries to make a career out of the love for their talents, they’ll just get overwhelmed. It’s impossible to have time for anything outside of those multiple jobs. Is it worth it if someone loses everything around them just because they want to keep the multiple jobs that they love? It’s better for someone to keep a simple job that can let them be with others and not just

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