Rhetorical Analysis Of Solving Police Shootings By Sandy Banks

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Sandy Banks is bothered by the injustice of police officers towards possible innocent victims. Because it seems like if officers rely on shooting at people as their safest option, Banks demands better training to help solve this issue. Police officers being caught on camera doesn 't changes the fact that the victim will become wounded, or pass away, yet, in most cases officers are not held accountable for the insensible act. In her article, "Horrific videos aren 't solving police shootings, but better training might" Banks asks for better training for police officers, as she developed strong pathos with details, great logos with logical solutions and consequences, but a weak ethos by not mentioning her credentials and the other side of the story.…show more content…
Banks expanded her argument with a strong pathos by providing coherent details on the scenarios she mentioned of police shootings, which may lead to feelings of disturbance, trauma, and beyond belief for the ones reading. Perhaps, the extensive detail she gave when she was describing the scene at Minnesota, "a police officer held the pair at gunpoint and her 4-year-old daughter watched from the back seat." (Banks) The author portrays the officer as a selfish, cold-hearted man because, regardless of the situation, a child should never be traumatized with such disturbing image as is witnessing a gun pointed at their parents. Pathos was used a long way, as Banks intended the audience to agree that officers lack consideration of others. The author also developed pathos in her article by commenting that, “Jurors couldn 't held back tears as the judge announced the non-guilty verdict.” (Banks) It must have been something very unfair, to the extent of seeing people that carry the responsibility of justice agreeing that it was unfair! The audience may be able to analyze how Banks did an excellent job when it comes to pathos, as she included visualizations that might help the reader feel the same way towards the issue as Bank
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