Rhetorical Analysis Of Sophie Flack's Bunheads

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Over the years, all girl sports have become more and more popular. With this is new found popularity comes a lot of pressure to be the best one in the business. The girls will do absolutely anything to prove this. Some girls that are already thin will go on diets, exercise even more or try and get themselves in the spotlight so the instructor can see them. Sophie Flack elaborates on these issues through each chapter in her book, Bunheads by using her choice of rhetorical devices and style to show readers just how difficult it is to be a ballerina. Throughout the book, Flack primarily uses ethos. She uses this to her advantage because she was a ballerina (“The Boston Globe.”). This makes it very easy to write a book about something that consumed a lot of her time. Her main character, Hannah, is based off of herself. The girls both leave their families to attend a prestigious ballet school. This experience made it easy to relate to other girls and discuss what happens backstage. Throughout the book it is evident that Flack knows what she is talking about. She…show more content…
In chapter 18 the girls are discussing what books they read if they have the time. A girl asks Hannah what book she has read most recently. Hannah replies, “Well, I’ve been working on Frankenstein since, like, August. Does People magazine count? “I say wryly. (I don’t mention that I just ordered Moby- Dick from Amazon.) (Flack 147). This is humorous to ballet dancers because they know how difficult it is to find the free time to read. In her book, Flack discusses the difficulties a ballerina faces through her personal experience. Her style is very descriptive and is not aimed directly for just dancers to read her book. By explaining different ballet terms, describing the scene, and discussing a ballerina’s struggles Flack’s book shows that girls will do a lot of things to become the best in the
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