Rhetorical Analysis Of Supersize Me

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A world without fast food such as Mcdonald's, Wendy’s, Jack in the box etc would have a healthier environment. It is known that fast food is incredibly dangerous and can cause health problems, in spite of how unhealthy the food is people still tend to consume it. The film Supersize Me is a documentary in which it emphasizes the message of the risks eating fast food has, in this case it’d be Mcdonalds, it expresses the harm that could be done physically and mentally to a person. Every fast food company spends millions of dollars advertising their product, and though they know the product isn’t exactly the healthiest snack they fool people into thinking otherwise. Morgan Spurlock attempts to demonstrate the importance of eating healthy and limiting the amount of junk food consumed, he makes his claim plausible by using several different ways to attract the audience’s attention. For example, he used rhetorical strategies such as ethos,…show more content…
The documentary “Supersize Me” is illustrated by the results of medical assistance and analysis done by professional doctors. Spurlock visits several doctors that will help him maintain healthy and on task during the produce of the challenge he is taking on, he gets his cholesterol checked, as well as his weight, blood pressure, sugar, liver function and the fat he has throughout his body. The tests and analysis done kept worsening more and more as time proceeded. It resulted that throughout the thirty day experiment of eating nothing but mcdonald's meals he gained twenty-four and a half pounds. This documentary is fulfilled with logic, from the increasement of his weight and the worsening of his health to the amount of money people spend daily on junk food from different fast food restaurants. According to all the statistics and and data forms displayed it is proven that fast food is the most unhealthiest meals to consume
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