Rhetorical Analysis Of Susan B Anthony's Lifeboat Ethics

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The strategies that Garrett Hardin used to develop his idea in “Lifeboat Ethics” was rhetorical devices and logical fallacies mainly in the sense that he used metaphors rhetorical questions and circular arguments as well as ethos and logos statements.

In Susan B Anthony’s speech after being convicted of voting she argues that though she voted in a presidential election during a period when American women weren’t allowed to to vote she states that she didn’t commit any crime and that she was only exercising her citizen’s rights. She succeeds proving her point because she although it was illegal for women to vote she explains that the constitution says that every person should have the human right to vote and own land. With that she ask if a women is a person just to let the fact that she’s right sink in.

In an Indian Father’s plea Medicine Grizzly Bear Lake makes an argument against his son’s teacher claiming he is a slow learner. Lake’s argument against his son’s teacher claim is perfectly reasonable but fails to build up an argument because he doesn’t attempt to be assertive when explaining his argument. In his argument he is calm and
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Lake also mentions that he might not be doing so well in class is because the other children in class are picking on him because of his long hair. He mentions that there are many days that his son comes home crying and pleading him to cut his hair. As you can tell there aren’t many things that support the father’s argument and how his son is’t really a slow learner. In the entire letter he only one thing that support his argument and that how he son learned some math from his mom and grandma when he helped them make ritual necklaces. Other than that their was no really evidence, just a bunch statements having to do with him being
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