Rhetorical Analysis Of Susie O Brien

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Susie O'Brien's article 'It's time to honour gay couples and allow them to marry' (The Advertiser, November 20, 2010, p. 27) is arguing the side of pro-gay marriage in the debate of marriage equality. This argument is made using ethos, logos, pathos and suggestive language as to guide you to her side of the argument.

Susie begins by talking about herself and her experience on the subject of whether or not she had a choice when growing up straight or gay. She demonstrates her knowledge on the topic by referencing her personal history; however not truly showing why her opinion should be listening to rather than others. Her argument is very personally based and draws examples such as herself and her family or friends. This means that her argument is not fact based and makes her argument less impacting and reliable. Susie's argument is very lopsided in her use of pathos versus logos. While her use of logos is very few; her use of pathos is a great deal.
Susie also goes on to talk about that the government is discriminating based on sexual orientation and appealing to logos with her logical sounding phrases that talk about the government; however, she never shows verified or backup information to support these statements. Her uses of words such as discrimination while describing the situation evokes
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This leads to Susie saying that all politicians should be fighting and it should not just be up to gay politicians to fight. She then says some very persuasive and powerful sounding phases about the topic and how people should want to be on the ‘correct’ side of history when things ‘inevitably’ lead to gay marriage equality. She does not show any sign of conceding any part of her argument and the use of the word ‘inevitable’ gives the argument a very final feeling, as if the argument is closed and no other opinion may have
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