Rhetorical Analysis Of Taj Mahal

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I was born near Agra and the Taj Mahal, so the fate of the two is an important subject for me. My exigence was noticing and addressing the misconception that the regions outside the Taj Mahal are as beautiful as the monument itself, and my audience was tourists since they have the capability to initiate Agra’s development due to the city’s dependence on tourism for economic growth. The podcast was effective in conveying this central message to the audience through the use of rhetorical appeals and methods like logos and description, but was not entirely successful in captivating the reader due to my speech impediments such as slurring and improper enunciation.
In the profile podcast, I used logos in the form of a survey (2:30-2:56) I conducted to gather relevant opinions from students as well as statistics from the Indian government (2:02 and 3:55) to substantiate my argument. The most effective rhetorical methods used were description (0:04-1:51) and cause & effect (6:30-6:59) as I specified the stark contrast between the Taj Mahal and Agra’s
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However, I was constrained by my tendency to occasionally slur my words, which I have been doing since childhood. This made my enunciation poor during the podcast and caused the podcast to be longer than necessary because I read slowly to pronounce all the words coherently. Creating a profile podcast really helped me learn how to incorporate rhetorical appeals and methods into my argument. While writing the script, I focused extensively on my audience and exigence to avoid rambling, which made my profile more specific and applicable to my audience. In future projects, I want to build on my current knowledge and try to layer the rhetorical methods on top of each other to make my writing more
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