Rhetorical Analysis Of Tamora's Speech

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at the beginning of the act, Tamora, the captive of the Goths, delivers this speech :"". Because she and her sons are captured by Titus Andronicus, Titus wants to sacrifice Tamora's oldest son as a memorial to Titus' 21 sons who died during the war. She talks to Titus Andronicus solely to convince him to not slaughter her first born son and have mercy on her. In the sense that Titus has fought the brutal war for ten years and are in the hatred of 21 dead sons, Titus killed Tamora's son no matter how she begs him. However, despite the death of Tamora's son, Tamora's speech successfully moves Titus and makes him have sympathy by the logical flaw from the beginning to the end, the use of rhetorical devices, and ethos appeals. Throughout her
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