Rhetorical Analysis Of The American Dream

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Lastly, the speaker uses tone to reflect the disbelief of “The American Dream”. Hazel felt like fairy-tales are just dreams and there is a difference between dreams and reality. For example, “tryin ta climb” (7 & 8). Hazel symbolizes society’s representation of women in the past; uneducated, un-ambitious, and un-believing in themselves or others. Also, “Sohelpmegod” (10). Her tone of living “The American Dream” hits her hard once she realizes, she’s not only a maid but has poor grammar. She can barely speak proper English, yet she can be a princess. Lastly, she states, “an has ta flush / da toilet down three times” (22 & 23). In “The American Dream” you click your heels together three times and are transformed into a princes with a beautiful
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