Rhetorical Analysis Of 'The Bernie Bomb'

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In “The Bernie Bomb” by Kimberley Strassel, critical, mocking tones emphasize Strassel’s feelings towards Bernie Sanders’ inability to become the President of the United States. Bernie Sanders gave quite a performance at the first Democratic debate of the year. Strassel shares her thoughts on the nature of his responses to important issues during the debate by concluding that his followers should regret making donations to his campaign seeing that he really is not in it to win. Her witty critiques indicate her strong feelings that donating to Sanders’ campaign in hopes that he will become President, is truly not worth the money. Strassel’s diction heightens the uncertainty and unprofessional manner behind Sanders’ attempt at trying to be elected as President, which leads his supporters to doubt their contribution to his campaign. “Low-dollar donors” of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign should be asking for a refund due to his “claims and far [cries],” which unveil “political malpractice.” Hardworking devotees dug deep to donate a simple fifty dollars to Sanders’ campaign. Assertions and imprecise…show more content…
Described as a “lazy debate performance,” Sanders’ defense “allowed Mrs. Clinton to get to his right.” Sanders did not put much effort towards this debate despite raising his voice countless times. Concurrently, he let an opponent go against his beliefs without defending himself what so ever. Sanders voice and looks corresponded, “[sounding] the same way that he always does” while “never [looking] like a winner.” Not having any variety to his tone of voice or choice of words made Strassel feel uninterested, as if it was the same act over and over again. His uninspired, unenthusiastic looks gave the impression of a dud and that he had no chance of winning. The details contributed to the slow, underdeveloped senses throughout the
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