Rhetorical Analysis Of The Body Project By Lipkin

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Standards for girls in today's society The American society set standards for girls and young women to follow. Companies are selling products and sexualizing girls at a young age. It's bringing in the culture norms of today’s society. To solve the problem, they should utilize diverse models to advertise many of the products. In her essay she uses ethos, pathos, and logos when she is expressing her own view on women’s body image.She also takes advantage strong Diction and tone to consistently show her side throughout the whole paper. Lipkin effectively tries to convince her audience that women in society have a wrong persecution of what they think a their body image should be like through credible information from personal information and…show more content…
As she elaborates on her idea of how women should be displayed she refers to a book called The Body Project, an intimate history of girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg to gain credibility and build up her argument, that way the audience will realize that there is a problem that is occurring. Lipkin agrees with Joan’s idea of how girls body parts have become a “project” to fix and mold. By having Brumberg’s opinion in the essay and Lipkin elaborating on those ideas it shows that Lipkin has a concerned attitude and allows her tone to be consistent throughout her entire essay. Lipkin also uses rhetorical strategies that are blended together to support her evidence the strategies used are ethos, pathos, and…show more content…
When she is using figurative language there is not a big emphasis on fluff that she uses; she gets straight to her point with examples and sources. She uses formal language in the essay but still allows it to be understanding and easy to read. However, in order to get the emotional appeal Lipkin emphasis on words to allow them to stick out and give the right effect on the reader. " Because of cultural mandates that link femininity to flawless skin, the burden of maintaining a clear complexion has devolved(para 11). This sentence give emphasis on the word burden she could of made it less emotional by stating the word problem. The sentence above also displays that she is using formal and educated or strong words that the reader can still
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