Rhetorical Analysis Of The Day We All Unite Speech

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The Day We All Unite The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in his speech, the falling of September 11, 2001 details the tragic event. Blair’s purpose is to help nations come together in these times of need. Blair’s speech is effective in persuading other countries to come together because he describes countries interlocking. That the same feeling can spread worldwide through any ethnic, describing the bravery of Americans that day. The rhetorical devices used throughout Tony Blair 's speech are parallelism, anaphora, and connotation. Since parallelism appeals to the interlocking of countries by enforcing the meaning of their unit. In paragraph fourteen and fifteen, Blaire states how the attack affected other countries and stopped economics, business…show more content…
Therefore in the speech people universally know the true power of Americans and how they can affect the world. Thus said in the speech “American power affects the world fundamentally.”(16-17) this explains how important they are in the world. This power that they hold can affect the world in a good or bad way. This method he used throughout this paragraph help to get the message across about the power of Americans. As a result Blair was also trying to convince his audience that we all have values in this world by appealing to connotation. Not only does he explain the values, but also our beliefs by trailing back to the government. For example, he said ,”The only purpose of being in politics is to strive for the values and ideals we believe in..” this is his evidence of trying to persuade the audience(1).The speech also refers to the pragmatism of the politics and the values of the citizens. Justice and freedom is what the politics are striving for and what Blair is using to help him persuade the audience. In the speech of Tony Blair talked about the tragic event that occurred on September 11 and how the world united together to help one another by the Americans being strong and not having ethic to separate
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