Rhetorical Analysis Of The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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“Adulthood was basically, a disease you caught and then eventually died from.” (John Green). John Green said this to Kenyon’s Class of 2016. John Green is the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and Paper Towns. Kenyon is a college located in Gambier Ohio. Green gave this speech to tell them that becoming an adult is not great, but it will be okay in the end. I really enjoyed this speech, Green was able to make it relatable through his role. He also was able to make the reader or listener feel emotions. He makes his speech memorable from his style and sentence structure. One strategy that Green uses is style, he uses sentence structure very well. He makes points stick in the reader's or listener's mind. My favourite…show more content…
Listening to this speech made me excited and hopeful for the next chapter in my life and even though I will have to do things I won’t really enjoy it will be okay in the end. The way Green can relate to his audience is amazing. He tells joke to even the parents at one point. “Now this is the part of the Commencement address where I’m supposed to tell you that in fact adulthood isn’t so bad and blah blah blah but NO. NO. It is so bad.” (John Green). This shows that he wants these young people to succeed, but he also wants them to understand that it will not be everything that they expect. Green also says “I remember nothing about the Commencement address except that it lasted ten thousand years. Empires rose and fell and still the speaker droned on, cicada-like in his monotony, so I come to you today with but one solemn promise: One way or another, this will be over in 14 minutes.” Green is able to tell the audience that he understands how this feels and this also proves that he is eager to be there giving this commencement speech. This speech is very much a 2016 kind of speech, it has jokes that only teens in 2016 would understand or find funny. He is able to make this speech memorable, enjoyable, and funny which is why I enjoyed this speech so much. This speech fits Green very well it’s funny and upbeat. Green is has a funny personality
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