Rhetorical Analysis Of The First Fireside Chat

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A speech given in 1933 by the 32nd U.S President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, tried to persuade the citizens of the United States of America, via radio, to trust their government and to keep their values secure. This speech, which was named The First Fireside Chat, helped the citizens have faith in their government and trust them with their savings. President Roosevelt was the first president to talk to the citizens which resulted in them believing in what he was stating in his speech. He explained step by step what system the government was going to use and how it would function. The First Fireside Chat, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, was a speech spoken by a very significant man stating the country’s banking issue and their solution to the problem…show more content…
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Franklin D. Roosevelt stated this quote, it explains how one must try everything before assuming something. If all fails then there’s always something else to try. Never give up on trying and in his speech, The First Fireside Chat, he persuaded the people to try to give the government their trust when they had a solution to the country’s banking issues. In his speech, President Roosevelt uses the term Logos, which is one of the rhetoric terms that gives the audience proof or a reason to believe what is being said, in this statement, “it is issued early on adequate security -- and every good bank has an abundance of security.” to persuade the citizens of the national security every bank has so their values would be completely safe. He stated a fact to help the audience feel more knowledgeable of the solution so they could have more trust in it. Another attempt at convincing the citizens was using the term Ethos, which is making the audience believe that the speaker is trustworthy. For instance, he states, “These banks which on First Examination by Treasury have already been found to be all right”, which is letting the audience feel comfortable because they are allowed to use the First Examination to help convince them on choosing an opinion, which is a positive for the government because the First Examination states that the banks are more than
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