Rhetorical Analysis Of The Love Of Farming By Wendell Berry

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The Foundation of "The Love of Farming." The author, Wendell Berry, uses many strategies in his essay, "the love of farming." to define why he believes there is a need for change in society's viewpoint on agriculture; specifically their views on farmers. He uses multiple strategies like referring to other sources, talking about fact based information, and using emotions to play into his main point. Readers can get a strong feeling of disappointment in “the love of farming.” The Author, Wendell Berry uses strong Language, to show how he feels about people who take part negatively in our current farming crisis. The author, throughout his essay shows his discontent through pathos. That creates a negative attitude that reflects upon a…show more content…
(Goethe.) the piece called "Faust " uses a witch to show how people are willing to do anything they can do avoid hard work and dedication. Like consuming a "nauseating beverage concocted by witches " (page 40). This reference is talking about how people believe what it takes to farm is a narrowness. Illustrating his point, that their is a misguided viewpoint on farming, and being farmers. Continuously commenting back to how people believe that level of narrowness, "requires the agency of a supra-natural." just to do a simpler work of a farmer. This is a misconception on the opinions of farmers. Mainly in page 38, He focuses some statistics to back up his opinions of our farming “crisis”, adding structure to what otherwise might have been a purely emotional argument. He refers to Japan's lowering percent of farms, he says "in Japan 6 percent... Is still farming." comparing it to the "1 percent of our people... " he shows that they found a crisis, while with our massive population we aren't even scraping the surface of panic at this realization. Showing his point. the lack of caring we as Americans have, this is a result of our viewpoints on farmers. Wendell Barry uses his discontent in the form of pathos, another author (Goethe's) poetry, and facts from other articles to show his point. That point being: That his essay, "the love of farming." defines why there is a need for change in society's viewpoint on agriculture; specifically their views on farmers and farming. Work
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