Rhetorical Analysis Of The Movie: God's Not Dead

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Justine Paulo H. Tapil BSEd English TFR;9:00-10:30

Beyond rhetoric
A reaction paper about the film God’s not dead

God’s not dead.
I was born and raised in a family whom I don’t consider religious (I’m talking about my own definition of the word (religious) like someone, maybe a group of people who entirely spend their life kneeling in front of an altar, reciting verses, going out on roads and picking people whom they can share thoughts about Christ and preaching in churches every Sunday.) but still we pray whole-heartedly, go church casually and we believe and worship the supreme ruler, a divine being, The Almighty, God.
19 years. Yes, it’s been nineteen years, long enough since a boy (now
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From the moment that he enrolls in Philosophy 150 he is encouraged to drop out. The film plays out Josh’s test of faith, as his “atheist” philosophy professor requires all of his students’ to submit a form stating that “God is dead,” presents him with a challenge: to defend the case for God before the class. If the students vote for Josh, he passes the course. If they vote for the professor, he fails. The stakes are heightened as Josh’s long time girlfriend threatens to leave him (and eventually does), since a failed grade will prevent him from getting into law school and thus jeopardize their future…show more content…
And that’s the most important thing that I’ve learnt from the movie. Keep your faith in God on hold for whoever believes in him shall not be forsaken.
God’s not dead sets a perfect example of the comparison of the different sides and social issues regarding religion for instance, the Christians and the anti-christs, godless and the god-fearing, conservative and liberals etc. It presents the relationship between science and philosophy to various Christian beliefs where philosophy is considered atheistic for it does not believe or follow everything, it ponders to its own rational investigation of truths and principles of being, knowledge name it. Science which always relies on evidences, studies or statistical data.
What I witnessed in the film was a small but important facet of life that still exists today. In spite of nearly a full generation of godless academics, pop-culture trends, and anti-Christian media efforts, this film is a proof that there are still plenty of people who fulfill the picture described in the Words of Jesus Christ taken from Matthew’s
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