Rhetorical Analysis Of The Night By Malcolm X

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The portrayal of black men, throughout history, has produced numerous negative stereotypes that hide the true agendas of black leaders. As Stephen Tuck exclaimed, in The Night Malcolm X Spoke at the Oxford Union, black leaders were often shown as extremist instead of leaders who wanted to bring about change for their oppressed communities. Malcom X’s speech and the material discussed in the work created by Tuck, show how Malcolm used diction, rhetoric and ethos to express the issue of the portrayal of blacks throughout media to create a false sense of character for black leaders and intellectuals. Malcolm X’s diction, style of speaking and writing, helps to create a sense of the realities that go in America. Malcolm’s speech, “Educate our People in the Science of Politics, spoke about how media is used to paint pictures that allow for the powers at be to hold to control over blacks. During the speech Malcolm stated, “The step-by-step process that was used by the press: First they fanned the flame in such a manner to create hysteria in the mind of the public. And then they shift gears and fan the flame in a manner designed to get the…show more content…
Malcolm used his platform to demand change for blacks in way that catered to the ears of people of that listened to him with an open mind. His name either made people bubble with joy or burst into an angry tangent, however, he was always trying to advocate of the better treatment of black throughout his political reign. His rise to power helped enlist the support of thousands of people, especially, towards the end of his life when his speeches were about the unfair treatment of marginalized groups in America instead of his earlier hate filled speeches. The image of Malcolm x portrayed in the media and the actual Malcolm were two different people and some were able to see that for
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