Rhetorical Analysis Of The Truman Show

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Rhetorical appeals of The Truman Show
The movie The Truman Show is one of Jim Carrey 's masterpieces. According to Wikipedia, “The Truman Show is a 1998 American satirical science fiction film directed by Peter Weir.” 1 Truman Burban is the main character of The Truman show. The reality show broadcasts Truman 's 24 hours worldwide. But Truman does not know that. All of Truman 's actions are seen live by people all over the world. The entire town where Truman lives is a studio and the people around him are actors and they broadcast Truman 's daily life. In repeated everyday life, Truman sees the people around him embarrassed when he does nothing or suddenly tries to do something. Then Truman notices a strange feeling. He worried about where I am now and try to get out of this studio. Truman finally finds the door of the studio and goes out of the world, ending the film. This film is a masterpiece and includes pathos, ethos and logos.
First, there are many pathos in Truman 's life. From his birth, Truman broadcasts all his parts to everyone. And the process of growth and the appearance of Truman, who became an adult, will also be shown to everyone. In it, love, fear, sorrow and compassion can be seen. For example, for Truman Show 's reality, When Truman is a child, his father dies because of a typhoon.The scene makes Truman feel guilty of not being able to get around the water with trauma and failing to save his father. The creators of reality show use this compassion and
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