Rhetorical Analysis Of Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff

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The Beauty of Success In the excerpt from The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe states the fact that everyone want to hear and stand next to those who are special, like celebrities and NASA stars or astronauts who have traveled through spaces, and planets. Wolf uses diction, imagery, and syntax to convey a casual tone in which is he points out numerous beauties of success like fame, and the importance of oneself tends to be higher after a mission to Mars, or an outer space planet. Wolfe starts with saying, “Everybody latched on to you during these trips”, he is implying the importance of by utilizing the word “latched” means to lay hold with, in another word, people want to act as if they known you or less feel related to you during the trips to the universe; for example, Mars. The author then mentions a lot of professions, such as congressmen, businessmen, directors, and even the presidents to reveal the significance of an successful astronaut who have been back from an outer planet. Wolfe once against utilizes diction when he says, “Everyone hotshot” implies all of the famous people in town want to stand next to them to even gain some respects from the astronauts. He then continues on with imagery by saying “For the first ten…show more content…
Well, dummy! - waiting for you to say a few words!They wanted something hot”. Wolfe uses hot not as a temperature, but he uses them in a context of rareness and specials, because ones who traveled from Mars back to Earth always got some information that everybody want to hear and that there are only a few of our humans have traveled to the universe, in which is the reasons that some individuals risk their lives for this kind of fame, where people, reporters are all up to their faces waiting for their
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