Towards The Sound Of Chaos Essay

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The commercials, “ Towards the Sound of Chaos,” by Jay Walters Thompson, talks to the audience on how being in the marines is a special opportunity and privilege. The commercial attracts qualified civilians by explaining what the Marines are disciplined to do and how they acquire such advantages and skills. Created in 2009, when most modern countries in the world have fully equipped and developed armed forces, military power has become the standard for the country’s strength. This idea is exemplified by how the U.S wanted to draft more marines for their army. Being in the marines is advertised as the epitome of bravery, and this commercial is doing just the same. The overall structure was put together with great attention to detail, using key literary, visual and auditory elements to make their message clear, in order to persuade their target audience to join the marines. The auditory and visual imagery specially create an appeal to pathos as…show more content…
For example, the first three lines all incorporate auditory diction, “desperate cries”, “rapid bursts,” and “deafening roar” are all phrases that induce a mental image of a war or calamity, which the Marines are exposed to. This auditory language continues on in the text, but it culminates in the line, “the only thing louder than the sound of chaos, are the sounds of a few good marines walking towards them.” This is a very fitting ending because it pits two sources of sounds: one that is of war, destruction, tragedy, and the other that is of courage, honor, and service. The emotional impact of this line is such that the audience would be compelled to consider the glory and sacrifice of the marines, which would, in turn, attract them to join in. In other words, the auditory language in the commercial turns the entire commercial into an active scene, rather than a passive
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