Rhetorical Analysis Of Tragedy At Newtown By LZ Granderson

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According to Slate.com “there has been a total of 137 fatal shooting that killed 297 victims since 1980”. Just by reading the title you can tell that the author LZ Granderson has a strong opinion on this subject. He writes this article because during the time of the article texas governor Rick Perry tried passing a bill that would teacher to conceal and carry in schools to try and prevent school shootings. LZ Granderson is a writer for ESPN and has a weekly column for CNN that he writes about controversial topics such as teachers with guns. LZ Granderson wants to show his readers what is going on, as well as why things like the law are happening. He also want to provide information that his readers will know of and relate to, motivation of…show more content…
He first tries to get at the reader's emotions by bringing up the Tragedy at Newtown throughout the article. Most people know that when they see Sandy Hook or Tragedy at Newtown they first thinks about the children that died at an elementary school from a school shooter. He tells the reader about the law that was up for a vote that would allow teachers to carry guns with more training, but ends that sentence with “It was approved the day before the shootings in Newtown” (cnn). Not only does he bring up Newtown, but brings up the Colorado theater shooting that happened. He states a quote from the Colorado governor in which he basically says that he was surprised that with all the people in the theater that no one had a conceal and carry and could have stopped the shooter. LZ brings up a logical fact that there was no need for more guns than the shooter that was in that theater, because it was dark and everybody was freaking out. When you think about it shooting situation can be very stressful and there really is no need to add more gunfire. He also brings up logos throughout the article to provide the logic behind his reasoning. One quote from the article “In a country with fewer than 350 million people but more than 310 million guns, we don't need more of them” gives the reader a bunch of logic to think about (cnn). Another fact he brings up is the American Federation of Teachers has about 1.5 million members and they wrote a letter opposing the bill that wanted to get
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