Rhetorical Analysis Of We All Should Be Feminist

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The Rhetoric of “We All Should Be Feminists” Novelist, Chimamanda Adichie lectured an audience on why we all should be feminists. Feminists are people who believe in the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes. Adichie describes a couple of times when she was called or implied herself to be a feminist. Adichie’s focus in the lecture was feminists but her main focus was feminists in Nigeria because that is what and where she knows. Some key points she made were that we should raise our children differently and that gender matters. Adichie 's intended audience would be someone who simply may wonder “Why should we be feminist?”, or anyone who wants to listen. Adichie interprets some effective rhetorical strategies like allusions, and a few analogies throughout the talk. Her humorous tone and anecdotes gave the audience that sense of trust and their laughter let her know that they were really engaged into her topic. She effectively described why she thinks we all should be feminists and how the world would be fairer for men and women. Adichie mentions a novel that she’d written about a man who beats his wife, along with many other problems whose tale doesn’t end too well. While promoting her book in Nigeria, a journalist that she described to be as “a nice, well-meaning man” that wanted to advise her. Humorously she said “for the Nigerians here, I’m sure you know how quickly we are to give unsolicited advice” referring that it is less likely for a Nigerian

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