Rhetorical Analysis Of 'We Cannot Treat Men Like Machine'

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In this passage by Royal Dixon, the author incorporated various

persuasive techniques to build an extremely well-crafted essay, which

encourages the readers’ respect toward the animals. By emphasizing the

common aspects of the animals and the human, the author attempted to convey

his points that animals deserves more respect. His logic and persuasiveness

was strengthened through rhetorical question, criticism of the limitation of

science, and emphasis on the interconnection between humans and animals.

The author is mindfully persuasive from the very beginning starting off

his essay by rhetorical questions. His intentional manipulation of structure of

placing the rhetorical questions directly after the commonly held concept of “we

cannot treat men like machine”, had an impact of attracting reader’s attention.

Two consequently connected rhetorical questions clearly exposed the triviality

of the logic that the author attempts to counter. The author’s usage of phrase,

“Why should we” allowed the readers to reconsider why it has to be so, rather

than blindly accepting the black and white logic of “cataloging every human-like

action of animals under the word instinct”. The author emphasizes the illogical

jump in this black and white logic by listing some familiar examples: “that the

sun and moon were made only for laudable purpose of giving light unto a

chosen few, and that young lambs playing on a grassy hillside, near a cool

spring, are just so much mutton

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