Rhetorical Analysis Of Wendy's Taco Salad

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Ethos In the advertisement of “ Wendy’s Taco Salad,” the writer uses the rhetorical appeal ethos most prominently. Dave Thomas co-founder of wendy is holding the new taco salad. “ I know you’re in a hurry. But you still need to eat your vegetables.” Dave Thomas has been feeding many mouths for many years. This provides credibility. Wendy has success which makes us trust the company and the food they are feeding us. They made this taco fresh and easy to eat in a hurry. We are led to the fact that if we eat this taco salad, we are to be fresh and be energized when we eat the taco salad. Pathos In this advertisement of “Wendy’s taco salad,” the Pathos is the three taco salads on the top of the page. The photo of the three taco salads is
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