Rhetorical Analysis Of What Keeps ISIS Running By Egyptian Streets

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In the vast expanse of time there has almost always been a conflict somewhere in the world between two or more parties. War and conflicts is how disputes have been settled for thousands of years and even today there are conflicts beginning and ending all the time all over the world. A side effect of these conflicts is the mass amount of resources, namely money that is needed to fund and supply the personal involved in them. This results in the view point that war is a business and there is money to be made from conflicts. “What Keeps ISIS Running” by Egyptian Streets is a rhetorical argument about the funding ISIS receives and the problems and people involved in the process. “ISIS Raises $5.6 Billion In Series C Funding” by the Daily Currant…show more content…
This way of writing ensures that the reader is well informed and is exposed to the least amount of bias a possible other than possibly the writer’s own tone or voice that is present the paper itself. In the article “What Keeps ISIS Running” by Egyptian Streets many facts and testimonies about how exactly ISIS keeps itself running are presented. “It has taken control of important resources like dams, granaries and oil installations. IS’ most important revenue source is the smuggling of oil from the dozen oil fields it controls in these nations.” (“What Keeps ISIS Running”). This gives you a direct sources of their income and tells you that they are not so much funded but that they control particular resources that result in large amounts of money that cover their broad range of expenses. This use of rhetoric and style of writing appeals to people’s value of being straight forward and honest and getting to the point. In a satirical piece some could find it annoying to constantly read about an imaginary scenario or read about a biased opinion. This is why the rhetorical style of writing appeals to people values more effectively and delivers a clearer argument and or

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