Rhetorical Analysis Of What Writing Is

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1. In “What Writing Is”, King creates a genuine personal connection to the reader by incorporating various details about his life, thus establishing a less formal tone. By discussing his need to go out Christmas shopping, his son's surprise visit form college, and his preferred blue chair for reading, King becomes more relatable to the reader, who likely has had similar experiences in their life and therefore understands King's concerns. This causes the relationship between renowned author and common reader to transform into a simple conversation between two individuals and allows King to help the reader better understand the point of the essay. 2. King uses the example of a white rabbit with a blue 8 on its back in a cage on top of a red-clothed table to illustrate “actual telepathy in action” because it is a sufficiently detailed description that is not so outlandish as to detract from its own purpose. A gecko dressed in Mardi gras beads or a whale with a tutu are probably situations that the reader has never encountered before and would likely cause the reader to focus more on their absurdity rather than the details themselves. King intends for the reader to understand how communication can occur between minds despite those minds being in neither the same location nor…show more content…
Dirk's “Navigating Genres” was insightful and well-composed. However, a few minor points weakened the essay and made it less effective. For instance, Dirk's celebration of how much freedom she had with writing this specific piece did not seem relevant to me with regard to her overarching message. It could have been condensed or omitted entirely without deleting any pertinent information. Additionally, Dirk's use of the country genre in the beginning pages was slightly off-putting. It was an apt example, but I do not appreciate country music much so I felt dissociated from the discussion. Despite my minor gripes, I learned a lot about the characteristics of genres by reading the
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