Rhetorical Analysis Of Why Taking In Refugees Is Still The Right Thing To Do

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Journalist, Ahmed Agdas, in his article, “Why Taking in Refugees Is Still the Right Thing to Do” argues why we should let the refugees in. The author uses rhetorical strategies to make his argument stronger and to communicate to the readers. Ahmed Agdas is a young politician, journalist, and a student. Agdas’s purpose is to convey the idea that we need to let the refugees in so they don’t die on the border. In today’s society the word refugee has become omnipresent. The author adapts a sentimental imagery in order to appeal to similar feelings and experiences in his readers. By using the rhetorical strategies he will be able to transmit how he feels about this issue and if there is a way to stop it. Agdas starts building his credibility with personal facts and reputable sources, quoting convincing facts and statistics, and successfully utilizing emotional interest. Rhetorical strategies are really essential because it helps us make the argument stronger. The author also uses three great strategies, Logos which appeals to logic, Ethos which appeals to convincing someone, and Pathos which appeals to emotion. Kathryn Reilly says, “Rhetorical devices often indicate important ideas through…show more content…
He also talks about how much of a problem it would be if we close the borders. Agdas says “If we close the borders, we'll find new images of thousands of people lingering on the European border.” Agdas uses great transitioning words to make the argument stronger. The author knows that the strategies he has used will change a lot people’s point of view on refugees and how they really are. The author knows how use real facts and not use some fake propaganda. He talks about how they are human just like the rest of us, and they deserve the same satisfaction as
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