Hillary Clinton Women's Rights Are Human Rights Essay

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In her speech, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” First Lady Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton discusses the importance of fighting for women’s rights, as she argues they and human rights are one and the same. Clinton uses rhetoric, such as logic, empathy, and credibility, along with some propaganda to convince her audience of her point. The speech was given at the Fourth World Conference on Women on September 5, 1995 in order to convince people to stand up for women throughout the world and to respect their roles in society. Clinton supported women’s rights long before her speech. She had always been involved politically, first by being the president of the Young Republican’s club at her school (Harris). Eventually, Clinton saw the violent and tragic effects of the Vietnamese War and decided to switch to the Democratic party for more anti-war views (Harris). That was when she met with more women and spoke with them about women’s rights, sharing their viewpoints and supporting the Women’s Rights Movement (Melick). At Yale University, she met, fell in love with, and married Bill Clinton. Eventually, he was elected President of the United States of America, which made Clinton First Lady. In the most powerful female position in America (and arguably the world), she made it her goal to give women equal …show more content…

Clinton attempts to use propaganda, empathy, and logic to present her point, that women to her audience, and succeeds at it. Overall, the speech is balanced in its argument style and use of rhetoric, such as the factors mentioned above. At this point, Clinton was not a New York senator yet, but only First Lady, yet she used her position to go to conferences, such as this conference, and speak out for women’s rights, as they are the same as human

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