Rhetorical Analysis Of You Belong With Me

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I chose to do a rhetorical analysis on the music video “You Belong With Me” By Taylor Swift. This song is about Taylor Swift have a crush on this boy who is her best friend when she’s in high school. The boy she likes has this girlfriend who is nasty to him and doesn’t understand him like she does. Given away from the song title, Swift believe that her friend belongs with her. This music video uses both kairos and pathos throughout the music video to convey the song’s message. Pathos can be found when looking at the generalized meaning of the song. When Swift is trying to say, is that her friend deserves better than what he has. Several people can relate to watching a friend date someone who doesn’t treat them properly. It’s annoying to watch…show more content…
The one that is most apparent (and adorable) starts around 2:30 when Swift is at her high school football game in the marching band. It shows the ending of the game where the football team just won the game (her crush is on the football team). Swift’s neighbor, the one she’s crushing on, runs over to his girlfriend and they get into what seems like a pretty big argument. He turns and walks away from her, completely disregarding what she said to him. It then cuts to the boy getting ready to go to the Homecoming dance when Swift stays home. He asks if she plans to go, but she said she needs to study. To which he replied “Wish you were.” After this is being shown, the lyrics are “I think I know where you belong, I think I know it’s with me”. It then shows Swift looking at the paper she wrote “I love you” on, which she wrote at the beginning of the video. I find this moment to be kariotic because the views get caught up in seeing Swift crush on this boy for the entire song, then he finally shows interest in her. Along with the lyrics, it shows that she might finally get her moment to show him that they belong together. Then Swift finds him at the dance and she shows him her paper that says “I love you” and he shows you his paper that says it too. The entire music video leads up to that point.
This is one example of a rhetorical analysis on a music video, but every music video could be analyzed this way. Just like an essay,

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