Rhetorical Analysis Of Zell Miller Speech

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This speech was given on September 2004. Zell Miller (G-GA) was chosen to give the keynote address to the Republican Convention, whose theme was “ Fulfilling America’s Premise by building a Safer World and a more hopeful America.” This was a rather unusual choice became, he was a Conservative Democrat. Miller had been consistently voting with the Republicans, especially on the subject of military strength.

Zell Miller uses rhetorical devices in the speech about having a strong military. He uses logos when he said that, he would support with George W. Bush claim about keeping the military strong and have freedom and not go with Kerry cause, he wants to weaken the military. Zell Miller doesn’t like the fact, that Senator Kerry was weak and only wanted to use military force only approved by the United Nations. Kerry was a war protestor and blamed our military, so that why he wanted to weaken the military by shut down some of the national security. But George W. Bush doesn’t want that to happen and either does Zell Miller that’s also why Zell Miller is on his side on the strength military instead going with Kerry.
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Where did Zell Miller had the speech at the Madison Square Garden. He was supporting George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential electron. Then Zell Miller against Kerry’s vote against bills for defense and weapon systems indicated support for weakening U.S. military strength. So the speech was amazing speech about going with the right plan the right thing to do Zell Miller did a right thing to support, George W. Bush with keeping the military strong and not week. Zell Miller did a great job by it let the military never be weak
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