Rhetorical Analysis On A Broken Home

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Families are a great source of comfort. We often rely on our families for support to help us when we feel anxious, upset, or stressed. However, other times our families can be the exact cause of that emotional turmoil. Although I love my younger sister dearly, we tend to get on each other’s nerves and, as a result, we occasionally argue. The most common thing we fight about is the state of our room. While I try to stay organized, my sister often litters the floor with her clothes and toys. Hopefully with the use of well-structured rhetoric, we may one day come to a compromise. I believe that our room should be kept as neat as possible. When it comes to certain items, I am very particular about where everything goes. If everything is organized, it eliminates the stress of searching for these items at a later time. I cannot tell you how many times my sister, Mia, has misplaced my hairbrush because she did not return it. Therefore, I believe that for my personal sanity and stress prevention, our room should be organized. However, when explaining this to Mia, I allow my pathos to control me. Rather than using logos to kindly tell her my reasoning, I get frustrated and end up saying hurtful things that are not necessarily true. Contrastively, Mia does not seem to notice that the room is in chaos. She simply accepts it, and keeps adding…show more content…
Both of us tire of listening to the other’s complaints, and we mutually come to an agreement. Neither of us “won” nor “lost” the quarrel. Nothing was accomplished; we simply wasted each other’s time and said cruel things that we did not truly mean. This could have been avoided if instead of allowing pathos to monopolize our argument, we used ethos and logos as well. We could have kindly explained our rationale with examples and logic, rather than screaming at each other. Proper rhetoric allows us to understand each other and respectfully express our
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