Rhetorical Analysis On Blank Space

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“Blank Space” Rhetorical Analysis Essay The popular electropop song “Blank Space”, by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, won many awards including: MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video, American Music Award for Song of the Year, and iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics. However, this is not a surprise after all Taylor Swift is the youngest song writer ever signed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing house (A&E Networks Television). Just like other Taylor Swift videos “Blank Space” uses a lot of symbolism and figurative language, however, this time she incorporated satire and parallelism. She used these rhetorical devices in order to convey two messages to her young audience: unlike other music videos…show more content…
The artist wears beautiful and extravagant dresses that are clearly able to showcase her wealth. Taylor swift uses exactly twenty outfits, however, there is one specific outfit that stands out because it is different from the girly, posh look that the singer always goes for. This outfit consists of a leopard print dress and some ankle strap heels. This print is unusual for Swift because leopard print is seen as more mature and less like the girly way she likes to portray herself. The leopard print may symbolize the media’s view on her preying over men, or it could also mean that she is a “crazy cat lady” that will end up unhappy and without a man. In this same frame, the artist has running mascara, and that emphasizes her madness and obsession over these men. The interesting factor is that the make up is always the same. The make up consists of a light smoky eye, classic thin eyeliner, and bold red lips. The red shade symbolizes passion, immorality, and a “source of confidence,” says Poppy King, “You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it” (Psychologies). Taylor Swift may agree that she is passionate and confident and that is most likely why she named one of her albums RED, on the other hand, the media may see her as immoral because “good girls” are not going straight from one relationship to another and Swift probably disagrees with that. Swift includes examples of parallelism such as, “I could show you incredible things/ Magic, madness, heaven, sin” in order to make her lover aware that she can be all of those things for him, all she has to do is “find out what [he] [wants],[and] be that girl for a month.” Another thing “Magic, madness, heaven, sin” does is emphasize the unpredictable personality of Taylor Swift, and also serves as a fair warning that they are going to have a difficult relationship.
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