Rhetorical Analysis On Cesar Chavez

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With all the savagery that's occurring in our world today, from bombings in Syria, to shootings in our own backyards, it is time that we approach these problems from a different point of view. Instead of fighting violence with violence, fight violence with patience. Allow those committing violence to realize how absurd their actions are by showing them what actions they should be taking against something they don't agree with. Cesar Chavez reciprocates my thought. He acknowledges that our current strategy against violence has shown no real effect on the number of brutal acts committed against people. Cesar attempts to share his thoughts with the masses in order to spread his solution to violence. He evokes strong emotions such as sadness, and guilt within his audience, along with posing logical questions that really make the audience think and listen to what he is saying. It is essential that Chavez's audience knows nonviolence has a more profound, lasting effect on society that paves the road ahead for change. In order to evoke this change Chavez must alter the way his audience thinks. He prods at their emotions by bringing religion into his argument and relying on the people's faith to change their thinking, he states…show more content…
When an audience digests your thesis and really reflects upon it they can experience a feeling as if they are being enlightened or shown the right path to take against struggle, much like that of Ralph Waldo Emerson in his Nature essays. He suggests that we take a different approach to life in order to discover the true meaning of it, parallel to Chavez's assertion that we should take a different approach to suffocating the fires of
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