Rhetorical Analysis On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech Most people in the United States believe by standing for the national anthem you are showing respect for our great nation, the military men, and women who fought, risk or gave their lives for our freedom. The article “Colin Kaepernick shows that freedom of speech is an anomaly in America (Oliver Brown),” Brown believes that “Kaepernicks’ protest has shown the US cares more about its anthem than the rigors of social injustice. In this article Brown talks about, how Kaepernick has chosen to sit for the anthem, other sports figures have tried the same thing, only to be ridiculed for it as well, and football fans are upset that Kaepernick did not stand for America’s National Anthem. Most people in the United States take great pride in our military…show more content…
Brown’s statement that, “For a start, Kaepernick is exercising no more than his constitutional right to focus attention on racial injustice,” goes a long way in trying to prove his point. He believes that as a sports figure, Kaepernick has a perfect forum to bring to attention the “burning issues of the moment.” Brown wishes that more sports figured would get involved in bringing to light the social injustices, and “give voice to their conscience.” The author believes, Kaepernick did nothing wrong. The fans are oversensitive to him not standing for the National Anthem. The author’s tone in this paper is anger. He feels the actions against Kaepernick were unfounded. He feels Kaepernick has a constitutional right to not stand for the National Anthem. He was trying to make a stand for the “wrong doings against African-Americans (Brown).” This anger is proven by this statement, in the article, “all this frothing at the mouth is exposed for the folly it is when one cares to examine Kaepernicks’ precise language (Brown).” This statement specifically shows the anger of author,
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