Rhetorical Analysis On Injustice

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The arguments are presented in climactic order, giving the audience time to take in his bold message. The first 5 minutes are used to introduce the speaker himself, and thus showing his character and virtues by his anecdote about his past. In doing so, the speaker proves the validity of his argument, that he’s not just another man who feels as though there is injustice, but that he is a man who is aware of the ongoing injustice, very real, and very saddening. The next part, from the 5 minute mark to 10 minutes into the talk, Mr. Stevenson talks about current injustice in the justice system not only towards people of race, but also people in poverty. The speaker uses many real life statistics in this part of his talk. For the next 4 minutes,…show more content…
The severity of the issues at hand are discussed at the climax, as his very impactful quote “I also believe that in many parts of this country, and certainly in many parts of this globe, that the opposite of poverty is not wealth. I don 't believe that. I actually think, in too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice.” In this quote he points out how the poor are so deprived of justice, that on the opposite end of poverty, there is justice, because that is just how impossible it is for the poor to be served justice. He also states during the climax that his country will not be judged by how advanced the technology is, or by anything superficial, but rather by how the country treats their residents in need. This fact is stated to give the viewers an understanding of how personal the way the country treats their underprivileged population, that the negative identity will reflect on the population as a whole. Through his personal experience, he was able to add validity to his arguments, as he was able to prove to viewers that racism in the criminal justice system isn’t something that can be considered impersonal to the audience, but rather is a very personal issue to not just targeted people, but also American citizens, as it is their image that is being
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