Rhetorical Analysis On Jill Stein

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Jill Stein is a woman who believes in the inevitable. She discusses things about the topics that the other candidates look over. Although she participated in the election running against Mitt Romney and did not succeed, that did not hinder her from running again. She believes that billions of dollars should not determine if the American people can hear her platform. Jill Stein will is the best candidate for President, because she voices her views on education, families and children, and jobs. Most of the candidates in this election seem to overlook these topics. Jill Stein focuses on various topics directed towards education that the other candidates ignore. One point is, she envisions college tuition to be free. Regardless of FASFA and high paying jobs, some students are still unable to afford college tuition. What about the students whose parents make too much money to qualify for financial aid, but all of their parent’s money is going to bills? Just because a student’s parent makes a lot of money does not mean they are capable to pay tuition that is over a thousand dollars. Another point she argues is that standardized testing is misused, and hurts the…show more content…
Just like Barak Obama, Jill Stein wants to increase job opportunities. She also believes that minimum wage is unacceptable. Jill Stein believes jobs should pay livable wages and not just minimum wages. With prices in the economy going up daily, everyone will not be able to live off just minimum wage. Some people work ten and twelve hours a day making $7.25 just to support a family of 3, that is just for single parents. There is no telling how many hours a man who supports his family works. If jobs paid livable wages instead of minimum wages, middle class citizens would not have to work themselves to death. With more available jobs, it will be guaranteed that the unemployment rate would drop once
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