Rhetorical Analysis On Make America Great Again

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As you know, the slogan that Donald Trump selected last year for his campaign is “Make America Great Again!”
According to Wikipedia, that particular slogan was originally “created in 1979 during a time in which the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by high unemployment and inflation. The phrase ‘Let's Make America Great Again’ appeared on buttons and posters during [Ronald] Reagan’s 1980 campaign.”
When the word “again” is added to the phrase “Make America Great,” it completely changes the meaning of the phrase. The use of the word “again” at the end of the phrase presupposes that America was once a great country, but that somewhere along the way, America lost its greatness. Within the phrase is the implication
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The slogan would be, “Make The Catholic Church Great Again!”
For devout Catholics, that particular phrase would have different meanings, but would elicit the same emotions and positive feelings that “Make America Great Again” elicits. Those emotions and positive feelings come from a burning desire that we all have — a desire of hope for a better future.
The most successful politicians engineer their message to take advantage of our natural desire for hope. You may remember the iconic “Hope Poster” of Barack Obama. The poster quickly became the symbol of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.
As a presidential candidate, Obama used his message of “hope and change” to inspire people to imagine a future where their hopes and dreams would come to fruition. The people who were influenced by his message were free to attach whatever meaning they wanted for their own lives.
Most of us have hope that we will eventually overcome the obstacles that we currently face and return to a time when our lives were more secure and carefree.
There is a yearning that is buried deep within the heart and soul of every human being — a yearning for
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