Rhetorical Analysis On Pageants

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The author is a credible source himself because he is a known writer. The author’s use of language and tone shows how strongly he feels about young girls being exploited at a young age but, yet he doesn’t come off offensive to the audience. Hollandsworth then begins to give examples by using credible sources within the article. For example, Karen Stein Hauser, Denver’s district attorney stated to reporters “It’s impossible to look at these photos and not see a terrible exploited little girl”. By the author using this just persuades to the audience that not only does he think it’s wrong to do. Also someone else who is not only a woman herself but, sees that it can be detrimental, many people don’t know how severe pageants can be. Another example the author used was CBS news anchor Dan Rather compared a past pageant video footage of JonBenet to “kiddie porn.” Indicated that these pageants are attracting the wrong image to society and are becoming more and more harmful to those who participate in the pageants.…show more content…
One example would be Eden Wood who is referred continuously throughout the article “Her daughter has become part Barbie, part Madame Alexander doll, and part Las Vegas showgirl”. Showing imagery of how she looked after an hour and thirty minutes later she has on a lot of make-up and her appearance is completely changed, exploited she looks a lot older than she really is. Another example would be DeMatteo who competed in pageants the same time JonBent did stated “Being part of the pageant world was something she wanted to hide”. This persuays the audience by using personal experiences as DeMatteo got older she’s not proud of that part in her life. She also began to realize how hypersexualized pageants made young girls be seen
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